2 Things I would love to see

So let me start by saying that this project/OS is really an amazing and outstanding idea
and i have 2 suggestions that i would love to see

1- Android Apps support on X86 : i know that the devs said that they gonna implement android apps support in ARM based devices , but it would be more than welcomed feature for a ton of x86 tablets/ 2in1 which really need those type of apps

2- An official JingOS GSI : okay this one is really ambitious but listen , so recently there has been a project to install ubuntu touch on any android device using gsi and halium-boot/kernel.
A gsi based on jingOS that utilize the same Halium boot method is gonna be a hit !!!
Imagine thousands of android mobiles/tablets running JingOS !!!

Hi @MohamedxSalah ,
Thanks for your suggestions.
I don’t have an answer about Android Apps on x86, because now the Dev team is focused on JingOS ARM for JingPad A1, but I want to say my POW on the second point.
A GSI system is literally a Generic System Image, and it’s fundamental on Android images cause the System must be compiled for each hardware, so it improves compatibility.
Talking about a GNU/Linux System, it runs a generic Kernel, so it is widely compatible with most hardware. I mean, in a GNU/Linux context, I think a GSI is simply a Linux Distro with a generic Linux Kernel that integrates most common drivers, and that’s already available…
Do you agree?

I totally agree ! That’s why having a JingOS gsi that utilize halium just like Ubuntu touch GSI , would be amazing !

Here is links for the ubuntu touch gsi that i have been talking about which also explains halium :
[GSI][arm64][A/AB] Ubuntu Touch (ubports) | XDA Forums (xda-developers.com)

I think if JingOS team worked on something like that alone or with a GSI builder like Erfan it would be an amazing project with tons of potentials