3rd party review and iso build

Your project looks very promising for tablet (and maybe phone).
However, people are skeptical for Chinese, even though it is open source.

I would suggest that a third party who is well known review the code create the iso and md5 hash for you so that people do not worry. The same problem is with DeepinOS which is really nice.

You can see that deepindde the ubuntu version is quite popular for these reasons… never the less, this deepindde is a one man show and i don’t fully trust it either… Chinese is not the main issue. It is a one man show or small company is what makes me nervous.

This idea of 3rd party review and iso assembly will solve many problems and build trust.
Lastly… using the ubuntu repo will be easier for you and secure and trusted.

I believe that skeptical people exist and will always exist.
The world of computing needs to start respecting developers, both Western and Eastern devs, especially when they develop open source software.
But the first step must be done by us, as users.
This is my personal opinion.