About JingPad A1




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looks interesting, hope we can have a preview

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希望有个比这个小点的 比如10寸

Is it planned to ship the JingPad in France ?
Also, is it considered to create an “azerty” keyboard model ?

I’m really hyped on JingOS and the JingPad. I’m considering preorder it, depending on the price and if it can be shipped to France :slight_smile:

Good luck for this good looking project, keep it up ! :smiley:

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Yes, the JingPad can ship to France.
The AZERTY keyboard won’t available. Sorry for that.

Well, as long as the keyboard acts as an AZERTY keyboard in the system, that would be okay :slight_smile:

Thank you for your reply !

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namu wiki : just some korean wiki website

I’m very interested in C1!
Of course C1 is Closed hardware maybe
But Perhaps Software( JingOS - ARM Version ) is open source?

Generic China manufacturer use their rom with android (even some devices can’t use google play)

and c1 use maybe jingos then this jingos use open source firmware version?

I look forward to hearing from your reply :smiley: thanks.

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JingOS ARM is based on Ubuntu. It will be open source.

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Will the JingPad have 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity?

Will the keyboard and stylus be included with the tablet, or will they need to purchased separately?

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The JingPad A1 has the first 4096 levels pressure stylus for the Linux world, we call it the JingPad Pencil.
The mode of sale will be published in May.

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可以参考下国外相似产品的定价,联想的chromebook Duet和jingpad挺相像的,可以参考下价格

I love the form factor of the jingpad A1 (4/3 11inch screen) :slight_smile: , I have added it to my list of “compact touchscreen computers with 4/3 screen” : Compact Sturdy Touchscreen Computers 4/3 or 3/2 (maybe 16/10) - Google 試算表

Thank you for your support! You can join the telegram and discord groups below to communicate with the other users.

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应该有个拓展坞吧 外接显示器,网卡,存储设备。

no update like dimensions of the tablet ?
(and maybe weight ?)

thanks !!

6.7mm thin and less than 500g in weight

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dimensions ( 243.5x178x6.7mm) are now in the specs page : JingPad A1 Specs - JingOS


Please plan to release also a JingPad A1 Lite, WiFi only, 10" FHD 1080p screen, 8 cores big.LITTLE, 4 Gb RAM and with a lower price!