About running android applications

I noticed the answer from FAQ:

Linux apps (.deb, etc.) can run in JingOS well. You can run Android apps in the JingOS ARM version after v1.0 in June.

How JingOS run android apps? Maybe anbox, or it’s own compatibility layer?

Ok, I found it. 会不会像fydeos那样有官方整合的anbox? - #5 by CCL

我们也不是用anbox,应该会用自己搞的一套方案,性能也会不错,不过目前还没开始。争取6月份的版本能用上 (We are not using anbox either. We should use our own set of solutions and the performance will be good, but we haven’t started yet. Strive for the June version to be available)

:+1: lol