Angelfish Program

Hi. I previously posted ([Survey] Which device you want to run JingOS? [调研]哪款设备你希望我们适配? - #211 by RichardS) that a program called “angelfish” seemed to be absent from my install of JingOS v0.9.1 and this was stopping a few programs from working. Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained, I thought I would try the very basic approach to install this program, whatever it is! So I opened Terminal and entered:-
$ sudo apt-get update
$ sudo apt-get install angelfish

It all seemed to progress fine and now, even though I still get an error when I try and open WPS, I have installed a version of Libreoffice (v6.4 I think), using the same trick as above (just replace angelfish with libreoffice), and whereas I got the angelfish error initially, that seems to have gone. Libreoffice is not fully functional, but it is workable - at least to read documents.

Hi RichardS. I installed the Snap Store (from directions here on the forum somewhere) then from that installed an app called Stacer. Using that I was able to remove WPS and a few other programs. Installed LibreOffice from Snap Store. I would recommend Stacer for monitoring and cleaning package caches/ crash reports/ trash/application caches etc and for removing apps and programs completely from your OS.

Just tried “install angelfish” as per your post and I get the error: “unable to locate package angelfish”. Guess I’m missing something.

Hi brookie. Thanks for the response. I don’t think my attempt to install angelfish worked - but maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Having looked into what angelfish is (I think it’s a tracking/marketing app), I’m not sure I want it on my system anyway! And thanks for the tip about Snap Store and Stacer. I will look into that forum thread and try to install it - then I can uninstall WPS and maybe get a fully working version of LibreOffice. I will report back on the forum - but maybe not in this thread :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @brookie Your suggestion on Snap was good. But I couldn’t get Stacer to install properly, unfortunately. Seemed to go in ok, but then freezes when I try and launch it. Sigh! May have to uninstall (I installed Synaptic, that might help with the uninstall), then try and reinstall. I couldn’t find a snap package for Stacer. Where did you find it?

Hmnn - I installed Stacer from Snap and it works amazingly well on my device. It may be the best behaved app that I have. I presume you have re-booted after the install? I can uninstall or install directly from Snap or through Flatpak (I have both stores on my device). You can find Stacer just by doing a search on either Store.

Oh and just as a fyi, Flatpak is in English although it takes longer to load. You may prefer it to Snap. You can find instructions to install by searching: “install Flatpak on Ubuntu”. You can also Launch an installed app from Flatpak unlike the Snap store which I find helpful since icons are not always put on the desktop.

Installed snap-store and still no sign of Stacer - but your observation that flatpak might be better for a non-Chinese speaker was a really good one!! Have installed flatpak and the plug-in and the repository as per instructions here: Flatpak—the future of application distribution. As you say, flatpak is slow to launch, but it gets there. It seems to have installed two icons on the dektop “Software & Updates” and “Software”. The latter has the flatpak store. Not sure what “Software & Updates” does (you have to enter the root password, but nothing seems to happen!). And FINALLY found Stacer :slight_smile: Installed very easily and is now working great. Thank you again!!!

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