[Announcement] JingOS V0.9 for x86 Update Announcement in Advance

Hi Everyone

The JingOS V0.9 for x86 will be released on May 31st. The upgrades are as below:

  1. Auto resolution detect. Resolution adaptive.

  2. Wallpaper changing.

  3. Complex password settings: character+number+symbol mixed password.

  4. The background Gaussian blur effect of notification center and control panel

  5. New function of compression and decompression in file manager, labeling, collection, and sorting, and supports OTG.

  6. Lock screen charging, volume adjustment, brightness adjustment.

  7. Multi-languages support, including Chinese and English.

  8. More system settings (VPN, time zone, Bluetooth, mouse, etc.)

  9. Fix mouse click inaccuracy.

  10. Remove the white bar at the bottom of the screen for returning to the desktop and solve the problem of partial app content occlusion. Instead, move the mouse to the four corners of the screen to automatically trigger the corresponding functions.

  11. More upgrades and bug fixes.

Any suggestions or questions, pls comment below and we will reply asap.

Remember to focus developing the System monitoring CPU/GPU load and battery drain.