App requests

I am trying to find what makes iPadOS magical.

*Shortcuts app: basically like the iPad shortcuts app but with the user friendly modules (save photo, quick note, make alert, shutdown, etc) as well as command line prompt.
*Reminders: nuff said. A reminder app.
*Notes: draw notes with the jing pen or type notes with the keyboards.
*JING Paint O (open): a parody of ibisPaint X. Basically a way to draw stuff and save it in a gallery
*Contacts: a mirror of the iPad contacts experience. Make a ability to make miis to make it fun.
*Maps: a viewer for OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, or Apple Maps
*Music: a music MP3 player without iTunes ■■■-pain. Also should support YouTube music downloads and SoundCloud downloads.

The next post will be about NEW non-iPad apps.

Note: the features that don’t exsist, read my jingpad a2 suggestions first.


Here are the innovative apps I’m requesting:

*Theater: A YouTube custom viewer with YouTube Features like comments, views, likes and dislikes, MiniPlayer, etc but can stream other platforms in the future (including the saucy ones). Ads will be enabled to keep monitization, however, you might be able to skip unskippable ads after 5 seconds. A feature called JingVoice will allow you to use comments on videos disabled (due to user decision, due to being a kids video to prevent kids from getting scammed, music creator harassment, cooperate greed by preventing negative comments, or to prevent child molesturing) no matter what, the comments will be enabled via jingos servers. Videos can be downloaded to the hard drive.

*Piano: allows a midi piano with instruments and sampling to work and record songs and use midi piano. Nuff said. The project file should be .jingsong

*3D: A 3D scanner software and 3d viewer. You can 3D scan stuff via LiDAR and if not, photogrammetry, then export it into a usable format, send it to blender, or upload it to popular 3d sites or even 3d print it. You can also scan the bottom of objects. You can input a gif, lots of photos, or a video to use photogrammetry on. The 3D file should be .jing3d

*TV & cable: A TV tuner software that allows you to watch and record coax cable info as well as set v chip settings, and get cable info, and allow the launch of Android TV activities. A shortcut to the remote app is here.

*Remote: uses IR, WiFi, and Bluetooth to control devices. You can download infared remotes with the layout and codes, or if not present, make your own via designing the layout, then programming it with the IR in sensor, or use manual hex codes. You can upload remotes to the servers. Roku is different because you can use specific IP address URLs to hit a button. For more info, see the Roku Voice shortcuts for iPad or Remoku. A and B buttons are pressable via URLs also but replace the value with a or b.


*Messages - A SMS/MMS messages app that you use your keyboard to text or use the record a voice message that sends .mp3 to non-jing users or sends .jingaudio, which is an extremely compressed lossless mp3 file that is displayed by jing as a recording. Also includes stickers you can make a sticker app without code and share it to the store. You can like, dislike, haha, love, ?, !!!, !!, !, get :rage:, or gasp at messages

*Fun camera: photo booth equivalent.

*Books: a simple PDF and other book file viewer that has features like read aloud for adhd people and saving of the progress.


*Tape: measure equivalent

*Game zone: displays all games, including emulated games, android games, and steam games.




*Raidio: Listen and record FM and AM raidio straight from your JingOS device.

Disc Player: Plays DVDs with menu support and all the buttons like PS3 has, and can play CDs and other optical media.