ARM support with V1.0? + tested devices list

Hello JingTeam,

really excited to get my hands on jingOS and see where i can support.
Will the 1.0 release bring us ARM support?
So we can try on other ARM tablets?

I am looking to find a tablet to buy to test out jingOS but currently do not have a budget big enough to buy the jingPad (will do in the future though).
Which brings me to the second question:
Is there a list anywhere of already tested 3rd party devices?

I only find people demanding support but almost no reports of tested devices.
I think that‘d be helpful to many new users.

I know in general x86 based should work.
But: still linux and many potential users might need clearer suggestions.

Anyways: great work. This is going to be a very exciting decade. Thank you!


Thanks for your questions.

With regards to JingOS ARM, we will open-source the code and support the community in porting JingOS to other ARM devices. As for which version, the information will be shown on our release notes.

On to other devices that can run JingOS, you can try Surface Pro 6 or other X86 devices with touch screen. However, in the future, there will be more devices that can run JingOS.

Have a nice one! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi @■■■■ ,
you can also follow this thread:

Have a nice day!