Asus tx201la

Hello and here is my question: How to install this or other Android to my old Asus tx201la? It is only for Android tablet, the keyboard is broken and it does not work every time! Thanks in advance!

Hello, I think this device is based on x86-64 architecture. So you can simply download JingOS for x86 and install it:

Thank you for your reply, but I want install it on tablet not on keyboard where is Windows!
here is info about tablet

Hi @Mahalka do you mean you want to install JingOS as dual boot with Android?
So use both OS?

No, @Maxximo88 i want to install it on android tablet(Asus TX201LA), because Windows Keyboard dock not working and i can use only tablet!

Ok @Mahalka , so you want to install JingOS on your Asus TX201LA erasing current partitions.
Did you try to flash JingOS on an external pendrive (using your computer and tools like Rufus), connect the pendrive to the tablet and trying to boot it?

It appears that it an x86 processor. Just looked at the specs and it looks like you do not have a usb port, only micro sd. You will need to figure out if you can boot from the sd card. Does the machine have windows and android or only android?

If you are running windows you should be able to create a bootable micro sd card, turn off secure boot in your bios, and select removable drive under boot options as your 1st choice.

Once you have done that insert the bootable sd and reboot.

It is only android on Tablet, and there is not BIOS in that tablet! Just bare in mind that it is Android tablet without keyboard dock!

Then you will have to wait until someone ports it to that specific tablet. Probably not going to happen. =(

OK, Thank you for your time guys! I will be around if something new happens :slight_smile: