Audio software development

I’m an audio software developer working mainly on iOS systems. I’m very interested in the potential of the JingPad for music and audio production and performance. So, I had a couple of questions.

I’m wondering if there are any plans to integrate something like the Ubuntu Studio system interface to Jack and ALSA into the desktop environment.

The second question I have is if there’s any status available or does any one know what the current state of USB class compliant audio and MIDI and ALSA are on the JingPad.

At the moment we have no plans to integrate Ubuntu Studio system interface. But maybe it can be installed afterwards by the user. JingPad also uses ALSA, but USB class compliant audio needs to be tested.

Thank you for the information, It should be fairly easy to get the studio interface installed and it probably wouldn’t be too much work for a third party dev to redo the UI to match better with the DE and be more usable for a touch interface.

I’d need to get a better feel for where the JingPad is going to be for USB interfaces before I can commit to buying one and starting development. Is there a roadmap for when testing might happen? Is there any public information on what the USB subsystem is for the JingPad A1? Is the USB being done on the SoC? I might be able to figure out how likely this is going to be working by comparing the specs to what works on other Linux systems.

Thanks again for the information and help.

Hi @NeonSilicon
you can ask more questions to real YouTubers that are testing JingPad A1 at the moment!

If you can point me to a link where someone is talking about USB audio interfaces, I’ll check it out for sure. But, so far, I haven’t seen anything other than using the built-in audio, mic and speaker, on the A1.

I did notice in one video that LMMS was one of the test applications on the store, but I haven’t seen it used or connected to external hardware.

Hi @NeonSilicon
you can ask directly to TechHut that has the JingPad A1 and he answer to questions on youtube comments: