Battery stuck at 0% and not accepting charge, in association with flash ROM process, is it a physical fault or controller issue?

I think my JIngpad’s battery is dead - details below.

Main question is, can it be replaced? If I bring it to some general electrical/computer repair shop, would they be able to replace the battery? Is there a specific part number I could find out, so I can ask for the right part, or maybe do it myself?

Background - I was having trouble flashing JingOS rom and android onto my jingpad, and eventually figured out that the culprit was that my battery is essentially dead. The system would stay on only for about 2 seconds after I removed the usb-c cable, then would go dark.

I tried 10 times to get ROM flashed on the jingpad (both android and jingos) and at the end of the process, it would get into a loop of Jingos logo - colored balls - screen goes black - repeat. I think there is some power draw that takes place during the colored balls cycle that is greater than the current available and the jingpad turns off, then power cycles back on again.

I was able to get past the cycle to the welcome screen twice (across about 10 attempts), but at the welcome screen, it froze and then went black.

I flashed android ROM onto it, and that succeeds, but when android tries to boot it gives me a battery 0% symbol. Even though it has been plugged in all day.

The battery has some miniscule charge capacity given that when I pull out the usb-c cord, it does stay on for about 2 seconds, before going dark. But that’s it.

I am not sure why this happened, I was storing it, leaning up on the side of my desktop, which could become pretty warm. I wouldnt think it would be super hot though and didnt think it would be hot enough to damage the battery, but maybe it was?

Is there a way to resuscitate the battery? Not sure if I should leave it unplugged, charge it, or do some trick like put in the refrigerator or who knows what. :slight_smile:

Perhaps if I can find a USB-c port that has a powerful output, it could be enough to power the JIngtab through periods of high power consumption. If I could get the rom flashed and working, then perhaps I could hook it up to a strong (30w, 45w, etc.) power source and use it strictly in powered mode.

Or, maybe I could have the battery replaced? If that’s possible I’d like to try that.



I see someone else is experiencing an apparently dead battery in the setting of trying to flash the device. Perhaps something may happen to the controller or management system for the battery during the flash process?

Based on the info in the other thread it seems like it may be possible for the battery controller to go kaput in the flashing process. Not sure if these threads should be merged? Defer to moderators.

I let it charge 10 hours plugged into a 65 W apple usb-c charge source, usb-c to usb-c cable. After that when I pushed “power” to power on, it showed me a battery icon with animation of filling green, indicating charging, but it still said 0% at the top. This showed for 2-3 seconds then the screen went black.

So basically the battery is flat out refusing to accept any charge, not sure how to confirm if it’s a physical fault or software issue.

ok just following up on my thread :slight_smile:
i think the 10 hour charge might have helped a tiny amount of function exist in the battery?
not sure why, but I was now able to successfully flash the jingos rom and boot into jing os.
however the battery is stuck at 0%. so i can run jingos but as soon as i disconnect the usb-c cable there is a loss of power and screen goes dark. it doesn’t charge at all, stays at 0%.
i could still use this as a desktop computer or a little mini server in my office as long as the usb-c power is reliable, but would be nice to have a working battery.
any suggestions for diagnostics i can run now that i can boot into jingos and open a terminal?

Hello all, just reporting an update for the record. Today when I plugged the jingpad in, it was able to charge. So, everything seems back to normal again. Really not sure what happened, to cause the battery to be unable to hold a charge for a ■■■■■■ of time, whether it’s a quirk of the Lion battery having been allowed to go to 0% possibly, or a software issue, but it is back in the running. At this point I am suspecting that the battery drained to 0% since I hadnt used it for a while, and I have read that Lion batteries can have trouble holding a charge again if that happens. One way or another, i’m really delighted to have my jingpad back in action.