Change Dual Boot order

I have Jingos on dual boot with Ubuntu.
The default Os is Jingos but I want to put Ubuntu on first position to launch it automatically without action.

Can you help me ?

Sorry for my English but I prefer using my brain instead of automatic translation.

Hi @Noliv
there are many guides about Grub Customization, try the following one:

Have a nice day

I have tried Grub customisation but it doesn’t work. :scream:

I’m a noob on Linux . I have made 2 partitions (1 for Ubuntu and the other for Jingos), I can’t access to the JingOs partition with Ubuntu. Is it possible that Grub customisation doesn’t open the good Grub.cfg ?

Is it possible to install Grub customizer on JingOS ? I have tried command line on Konsole but it doesn’t work :sob:

Hi @Noliv
remember when You install a new OS, it apply his bootloader over the previous one.
For example, if you have Ubuntu and installa JingOS, the JingOS Bootloader (grub) will be installed over the previous one…So you have to manage the Grub made by JingOS.
Did you already see the following guide?


Thanks for your help.

I’m trying to install grub customizer on JingOs but root pasword doesn’t work…
I think the problem is coming from layout keyboard…

When I type password 123456 Konsole tells me Sorry try again.

It works with virtual keyboard, but commands doesn’t work…

I have found my solution. It works with Grub Customizer on my first Linux installation (Ubuntu), I don’t know if it was with modifying MBR or in an other option…

Thanks for your help :+1: