CHUWI UBook X with Intel N4100 - 2K resolution does not work

can’t boot on 2K computers my CHUWI UBook X Intel N4100 is not working. There is a blackscreen and the mouse cursor is blank in safe graphics or otherwise. Another computer works from the same flash drive

Hi @sebastian
I edited your post title and Categories.
Did you already tested a Linux Distro dual boot on that tablet?

Chuwi UBook X has the following hardware:

  • Display IPS 2K (2.160 x 1.440 pixel) 340 nit form factor 3:2
  • Intel Celeron N4100 quad-core 1,1 GHz (turbo boost 2,4 GHz)
  • GPU Intel UHD Graphics 600 700MHz
  • SSD 256Gb
  • OS: Windows 10

Yes multiboot rufus:

@sebastian seems to be a bootloader made by Chuwi, right?
Or it’s something like rEFInd?

yes it is rEFInd I typed the name wrong

Thanks @sebastian
I’m afraid it’s a refind problem…
The tablet is sold with rEFInd as default?
Or did you replace GRUB?

i installed

The flash drive is visible
to start
however, after the safegraphics are loaded, only the mouse cursor remain
Other linuxes work
e.g. Deepin or Ubuntu Budgie 21.04
JingOS is built on Ubuntu 20.04
it would be nice to do JingOS on the new Ubuntu 21.04

@sebastian Ubuntu 20.04 is the LTS release, it’s better for Ubuntu based…

New Ubuntu 21.10 (Impish Indri) Daily Build
It works very well

@sebastian I know, but when you are developing an operating system based on Ubuntu sometimes is better to use Stable Release (LTS) and not daily builds…