[Community] Links and Rules for JingOS Community

Dear all, the latest links of our community is shown below. Meanwhile, please read the community rules


Mailing List
Discord Channel
Telegram Channel
Facebook Page
Matrix Room
Mastodon social

General Rules

  1. JingCommunity is for JingOS and JingPad users to communicate the products of JingLing Tech.
  2. Be friendly and keep your aura clean.
  3. In our community, we will have periodic activities such as JingTalk, JingConference and so forth. You can join in those activities and have fun.
  4. No violent, dangerous, vulgar or other detrimental content.
  5. Spamming is not allowed.
  6. Do not promote other products, including showing purchase records or price of other products.

Violation and Punishment

  1. Any violation of 4: Immediate removal.
  2. Any violation of 5: The offender will receive a warning for the first violation and removal for further similar conduct.