Dell Venue 11 7130

trying to run jingos on dell venue 11 7130

Impressive looking interface

I have the following issues:

When tablet is rotated to vertical display is upside -down

On screen keyboard occupies excessive vertical space about half of the height of screen in horizontal mode. When tablet rotated vertically keyboard is too wide to display (aside from it also being upside-down)

No support for the wifi nor bluetooth in Dell 7130 . I know this is a linux issue and ordered intel 8260 which might work.

No way to easily shut down from GUI. Need shutdown icon .

unable to install nead (for NFC) from Ubuntu repo

More info on this 2 in 1 here Linux on the Dell Venue 11 Pro (7130)

Any hope for getting the keyboard fixed and getting display to rotate correctly?

Hi @markosjal
your convertible is interesting:

  • Model Dell venue 11 Pro 7130
  • SoC i5 4300 Y
  • Ram 4 Gb DDR3
  • Ssd 120 gb
  • Display 10.8" touch 1920 x 1080 pixel

Please open an issue on GitHub page: