Docking Station for JingPad A1

Exchange of experience on docking stations in connection with the A1

Hi there.
I don’t have my A1 yet, but it should (hopefully) arrive within a couple of weeks. :slight_smile:
Has anyone experience with Dell Thunderbolt Docking-Station?

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The jing Pads usb port is AFAIK and sadly not docking compatible, but please prove me wrong,
USB Key works, i can mount the drive, Fido Key works
Ethernet works
hdmi, not…

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Thanks for the answer
My JingPad should arrive on Wednesday, then I’ll test a little with some docking-stations and adapters :slight_smile:

by all means :smiley: if you manage to have one that works, i would really be interested :smiley:
having high speed external storage and an external monitor would be way cool, i mean, it works with the librem 5??? (ok, its more vital there, but still…)

The JingPad can’t output video via it’s usb port. Sadly it is a hardware limitation…