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Hi everyone,
in order to give efficient feedback to users, we would like to share in this post the Frequently Asked Questions about JingOS, JingPad A1, and JingTech projects.

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Official Timeline

  • 9 January: JingOS video announced, see it here;
  • 20 April: Crowdfunding video announce, see it here;
  • 26 April: First JingPad A1 Sample Device Hands-On Video, see it here;
  • 10 May: Keyboard Prototype video demo from the factory, see it here;
  • 13 May: Jingling Tech introducing JingPad A1 on Linux App Submit (LAS) 2021, see video here;
  • 27 May: JingPad A1 Hands-on running JingOS ARM, see it here.
  • 31 May: first physical review video by JingPad Team;
  • 15 June: start of Indiegogo campaign + first reviews by 3rd party YouTubers (in English, without Trackpad Keyboard);
  • around 10 August: first review of JingPad A1 + Trackpad Keyboard by 3rd party YouTubers;
  • 30 August: start shipping the first 100 JingPad A1 to beta tester candidates;
  • 15 October: start mass shipping!

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JingPad A1 Related Questions

Does Jingpad support battery charging with connected USB drive via USB Type-C Hub?

Do you plan to release a Cellular (4G/5G) version too?
Not planned yet.

Do you plan to release a cheaper tablet?
Maybe in the future, now the focus is on JingOS development and JingPad A1 release.

Linux Apps can run on ARM devices like JingPad A1?
Yes, there are many Linux Apps available for the ARM architecture, see here.

What are the JingPad A1 Specs?
You can see JingPad A1 Specs here.

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JingOS Related Questions

How can I download the current version of JingOS?
You have to fill the form to get an email with a download link here.

Is JingOS going to be open source and free?
Yes, JingOS has been open-sourced on Github. And JingOS will be free forever.

Which software do I have to use to flash the ISO on the Pendrive USB?
You can use Rufus or Etcher; remember to disable Fast Startup (Fast Boot) too (see here).

What is the PIN of JingOS?
Pin is 123456

What is the Root password of JingOS?
Root password is 123456

Which distro is JingOS based on?
JingOS is based on Ubuntu 20.04, KDE v5.75, Plasma Mobile 5.20. We will switch from Plasma Mobile to JDE (Jing Desktop Environment) later this year…

What are the minimum requirement of JingOS x86?
As based on Ubuntu, the minimum requirement are:

  • CPU: dual core @2,0 GHz (x86) with PAE support;
  • GPU: 3D Accelerated @1024x768 with 128 MB (ATI/AMD/Intel/Nvidia)
  • RAM: 2 GB
  • Storage: 25 GB of free space
  • Remember to disable FastBoot

Can I see some images about UI of JingOS?
Sure, you can see and contribute to the following post → JingOS - Installation Process & First look [Feedback request]

Do you plan to add other languages?
Not yet, our main focus is stability and features. Multi language functionality is scheduled after the 1.0 release. Currently, only English and Chinese are supported.

Do you plan to open release JingOS also on other ARM devices?
Our main focus will be JingPad A1, but we asked the community about other devices support here.

Do you plan to release Desktop Environment to other GNU/Linux OSs?
It’s possible, but now JingTech will focus on DE for JingOS and JingPad A1…

What about Android apps on JingOS?
You will be able to natively run Android Apps beside Linux Apps on JingOS ARM release, using apps like Netflix, Disney+, listen musing with Spotify and music apps, play games, and so on…
The technology behind Android Apps compatibility is developed by our Dev Team (not Anbox or something similar).

Is there a Bluetooth and Wifi bridge to Android Apps?
Yes, JingOS provide a Bluetooth and WiFi bridge solution.

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This is an ongoing post, I will add common questions in the future!
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