FAQ about JingOS

This page will be updated every month.

Where can I download JingOS?

You can download it for free here: JingPad A1 | The World’s First ARM-Based Consumer-level Linux Tablet - JingOS. The latest version is 0.9.

How to install JingOS on x86 devices?

You can find a tutorial here: JingOS Linux Installation Tutorial - JingOS Linux JingOS Installation

Which devices can JingOS run on?

Devices with x86-64 CPUs which can run Ubuntu20.04 most probably work. Devices with touch screen like Windows surface support the functionality of JingOS best. Here is a list of devices which were tested by us or the community:

Is JingOS going to be open-source? And free software?

Yes, JingOS is already an open-source project on Github project. And JingOS will be free forever.

Which distro is JingOS based on?

JingOS is based on Ubuntu 20.04, KDE v5.75, and Plasma Mobile 5.20.

How much RAM is required for JingOS?

JingOS needs a bit more than 1GB from boot. So at least 2GB, better 4GB.

How much disc space does JingOS need?

The size of JingOS v0.9 is 2.9GB.

Which device is the best for JingOS?

Touch screen devices like the Surface Pro 6. They support the functionality of JingOS best.

How can I change the resolution in JingOS v0.8?

You can use “sudo apt-get install kscreen”, and then change the resolution in system settings.

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Hi! Please add to this FAQ the required spec for a tablet to run JingOS. You know, how much ram is required etc. I’d like to buy an x86 tablet to play with JingOS, but it’s hard to know where to start without an understanding of the minimum spec required. Thanks!

We’ll launch our tablet soon.

A laptop on the ARM CPU will be with your OS, good afternoon?