FAQ about JingOS

This page will be updated every month.

Where can I download JingOS?

JingOS is downloadable from Jan 31st, 2021. The latest version is 0.9.

How to install JingOS on x86 devices?

JingOS v0.8 Release & Download / 下载与安装教程

Which devices can JingOS run on?

Offically we test JingOS on Surface pro6 and Huawei Matebook 14. But other devices that can run ubuntu20.04 should be Okay. We will lunch our first ARM tablet later this year.

Is JingOS going to be open-source? And free software?

Yes, JingOS is already an open-source project on Github project. And JingOS will be free forever.

Which distro is JingOS based on?

JingOS is based on Ubuntu 20.04, KDE v5.75, Plasma Mobile 5.20.

What’s the roadmap of JingOS?

I posted about Roadmap v1.0 of JingOS in January. I will update the roadmap every quarter.

If JingOS is a tablet OS, does it require apps to respect the life cycle, like what happens when suspended?
How does it manage permission? Is there a permission system like iOS?
Are the apps sandboxed? If it can just run Linux apps, how would they respect life cycle, permission, and stuff?
Will you use snap/flatpak for the permissions system?

Life-cycle management API will be supported, apps designed for JingOS can be suspended like any other tablet OSs. The permission system and app sandbox are still in discussion, not decided yet.

Compared to other Linux distros, is JingOS optimized for tablet only (UI / specialized apps), or are there performance tweaks/features as well?
Is it basically like a gnome / KDE but with a tablet first focussed, or are there any “lower-level” differences?
What kind of lower-level differences? Drivers? Performance enhancements?

JingOS v0.6 is mostly optimized in the UI and specialized apps.
JingOS v0.8 add OTA, Appstore, app auto-scale to fit the high-resolution screen, wifi auto scan, and various other improvements
JingOS v1.0 will be available on ARM devices with high-performance soc, and bring more features.

Do apps have to be created for JingOS to work without errors?
Could I use Spotify or Discord apps on it, or should I rather wait for an official JingOS version?
Does JingOS support Linux apps, right?
So we should be able to build and run Flutter desktop apps on it? Will JingOS support android apps?

Linux apps (.deb, etc.) can run in JingOS but you will also run Android apps from JingOS 1.0 ARM version scheduled in June 2021.

How can I change the resolution in JingOS v0.8?

u can use “sudo apt-get install kscreen” , and then change the resolution in system settings.

Hi! Please add to this FAQ the required spec for a tablet to run JingOS. You know, how much ram is required etc. I’d like to buy an x86 tablet to play with JingOS, but it’s hard to know where to start without an understanding of the minimum spec required. Thanks!

We’ll launch our tablet soon.

A laptop on the ARM CPU will be with your OS, good afternoon?