Feature roadmap of JingOS ARM on the JingPad A1

Hello guys,

There’re lots of questions about what kind of features will be supported on the JingPad A1. So we made this picture to show you the detailed roadmap of JingOS on the JingPad A1.

Any questions, pls comment below!

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Thanks @CCL it’s all clear now!

Thanks Maxximo~~~~~

@CCL I reordered the info in the following table:

Feature Subfeature Sept 2021 (Mass shipping)
Audio Speaker Y
Audio Earphone Y
Audio Microphone Y
Audio Recording Y
Video Playback Y
Camera Preview / Shoot / Switch between Back/Front Camera Y
Camera Recording Y
Fingerprint Unlock End of Dec 2021
USB2.0 TypeC Charging, Mass Storage, MTP, Mouse, Keyboard, Ethernet Adapter Y
Location GPS Y
Location Network Positioning Y
Network Modem Data connection Won’t be supported
Network Wi-Fi Y
Network Ethernet Y
WiFi Station Y
WiFi Host AP/P2P Won’t be supported
Bluettoth Keyboard/Mouse/Earphones Y
Sensors G-Sensors / E-Compass / Gyroscope / Hall / Light / Proxymity Y
External Monitors via HDMI Won’t be supported
External Monitors via Wi-Fi End of March, 2022
Keyboard Virtual keyboard Y
Keyboard Physical keyboard Y
Keyboard Shortcuts Y
Keyboard User-defined shortcuts Won’t be supported before March 2022
Stylus - Y
AppStore LinuxApps (Gebian) Y
AppStore Android Apps Release of a beta version with Android support in Oct, 2021; Stable version by the end of Dec, 2021
System Updates OTA Y
System Recovery - Y
Android Compatibility Basic Functions (Graphics, Multimedia, Network, App Installation) End of Dec, 2021
Android Compatibility Multi-Window Display End of Dec, 2021
Android Compatibility Camera End of Mar, 2022
Android Compatibility Universal Input Method (One IME for both Linux apps and Android apps) No input method supported for Android apps before March, 2022; input by physical keyboard Mar, 2022
Android Compatibility Sensors End of Mar, 2022
Screen Rotation - End of Dec, 2021
Printer connection Via Network End of Mar, 2022
Split Screen - End of Dec, 2021
Android Reference
Android Drivers 1.Linux Kernel 4.14, no mainline kernel
Android Drivers 2.Kernel cannot be updated to the latest version
Android Drivers 3.Cannot easily install other Linux, need to port over Android driver layer
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“modem data connection”…it has been pointed out the T7510 chip is the T710 chip with an integral modem. Seems software is the only thing missing…