Fedex delivered today, time to play! Quick questions

Typing this from the Jingpad, but have some quick questions:

  • Can’t find a setting to turn off natural scrolling - can I? I need glasses!

  • Can tap-to click be turned on? Worked it out, I needed to apply pressure, not just tap :smiley:

  • I installed emacs, but the icon has not appeared, everything else has, just not emacs - how do I add manually?

It is a pleasure to use so far, once I have got used to a US keyboard :wink:

I got mine today too! I’m posting this from my Jingpad.

Questions and observations I have:

  • Posting on this forum is difficult because the keyboard covers the text field.
  • Control and alt keys don’t seem to work.
  • Is there a way to switch to a portrait mode?

Portrait mode is on the road map for December.

Emacs appeared after I rebooted late yesterday, will have a lot more questions later!!!

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I got mine today, pulled it out, charged it up for 6 hours. Tablet will not turn on? Did I get a dud or is there some super secret startup sequence?

You have probably tried this - but long press the power button for 10-20 seconds. I would start another thread to get better visibility if you still have problems.