Forum reorganization proposal

I have some suggestion about Forum sections, cause I think It could be useful to have subsections too.
This is my idea:

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  • Global Announcement
  • Software related Announcement
  • Product related Announcement


  • General discussions


  • Original JingOS APPs
  • Android APPs
  • Third Party APPs
  • Development
  • Features request
  • Devices
  • Feedback from Users


  • Official accessories
  • Third Party accessories
  • Modding
  • Development
  • Feedback from Users
  • Other OS


  • Website feedback & Suggestions

It will be reorganized like this mockup:

Many thanks.

In my opinion sub-sections like Feedback and Feature Requests should be sections divided into JingPad and JingOs.
I don’t see a real improvement in hiding such important sections behind another layer, ideally the user should reach the most common section with a single click.
That’s why I propose a more user-friendly and immediate division:


  • Global …
  • Software-related…
  • Product-related…

Feature requests

  • JingOS
  • JingPad
  • Website

Feedback and issues

  • JingOS
  • JingPad
  • Website


  • Accessories
  • Modding
  • Other

Staff section

Yeah no problem, I just suppose to reorganize it cause today it’s not the best organization available (I think…).
I saw many other forums, like Hardkernel Forum, Deepin Forum, Raspberry Forum and so on…I think we can see them to reorganize JingOS Forum too!