Future product line of JingOS based devices

Mentioned in the Telegram channel lets note future devices based on JingOS (ideas from “James H Jackson Jr”):

  • JingPad (already planned and in production)
  • JingPhone (in development, first prototypes, but not confirmed yet)
  • JingBook and JingBook Pro
  • JingWatch
  • JingTV
  • JingMAC (Desktop PCs maybe obsolete today)

But first, lets focus on the tablet and make it a great LINUX device.

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It could be interesting.
I think in the GNU/Linux worlds there is a lack in a real Tablet offer (Android is an alternative, but it’s not the same…).
So, I hope they could manage JingOS to run smoothly on JingPad A1, and maybe in future also on other devices…

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@HansMaulwurf is JingBook a little convertible laptop like the chromebook flip c101 ?? :wink: (I think a convertible laptop is more efficient than a tablet + keyboard combo : lighter and more easy to carry :wink: …)

Hi pierro78,
It’s a tablet with magnetic keyboard.
You can find some YouTube link of some preview video about tablet and keyboard in the following topic:
F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Have a nice day.

Hi @Maxximo88 ,
I think you are talking about the JingPad A1 (I am one of the 100 beta testers)
I think @HansMaulwurf has imagined a device called JingBook and I am asking about this JingBook device he has imagined :wink:

Have a nice day too !

Oh yes, I saw he edited the answer!

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Need to Adjust the UI for Laptop

I think they are focusing on Tablet UI now…

I think they are focusing on Tablet UI now…

FydeOS would be good too … see https://www.reddit.com/r/JingOS/comments/nfnkrd/what_does_jingteam_think_about_fydeos_for_the/ :wink: