[Guide] ADB, Fastboot, Recovery and unlock bootloader procedure

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I decided to write this quick guide cause I faced some issue under Windows OS to get the device Token, so I decided to use my GNU/Linux OS and I solved the issue.

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Remember, this is not the official guide, you can find the official one at the following link:
- [Tutorial] How to unlock bootloader of JingPad A1

Reboot into Recovery / Bootloader / Fastboot

  1. Turn off your device;
  2. Press Power button and after 1 second press also “Volume Down”;
  3. Hold both till JingPad logo appears;
    4 After the JingPad logo appears, release “Power” & “Volume-”
  4. Welcome to Recovery!
Click here to open the video about how to boot to Recovery

JingPad A1 - Boot to Recovery (Fastboot, Bootloader, Factory reset..) - YouTube

Unlock Bootloader procedure

  1. Install SDK Platform Tools (here)
  2. Download fastboot_a1 (here)
  3. Put the downloaded “fastbook_A1” in the same folder of SDK (so you will have in the same folder “fastboot” and “fastboot_A1” files)
  4. Turn off your device
  5. Boot JingPad A1 into recovery mode;
  6. Choose “Reboot into bootloader.”
  7. After booting into bootloader mode, connect your device to a Linux desktop using the original USB Cable;
  8. Open Terminal in the SDK location, check your device is connected with:
    sudo ./fastboot devices
  9. Use the following command to acquire your device ID:
    fastboot_A1 oem get_identifier_token
    Please record your device ID:
  • Take a screenshot of the terminal session;
  • Select the Device Token ID and paste it in a text file.

Now you have the token ID of your device and you can ask for unlock file using the following email form:

Click here to see the email request form to unlock bootloader

To: service@jingos.com
Object: [Bootloader Unlock] Order Number + Shopping Channel + Device ID
Text in the email:
I understand the risks of unlocking the bootloader. Any Distros not provided by JingOS Team have not been certified as compatible and there may be issues ranging from missing features to permanent hardware damage.

  • Any damage JingOS Team deems related to an unlocked bootloader will be denied at JingLings discretion-

Your Name: XXX
Order Number: XXXX
Device ID: XXXX

Name Surname

You will receive a file called “Token_ID.bin”, like the follow example:

Unlock the device:

  1. Save the file to the same folder of the SDK Platform Tools
  2. Rename it to unlock.bin
  3. Reboot your device in Recovery → Bootloader;
  4. Open Terminal in the SDK location, now flash it:
    sudo ./fastboot_A1 flashing unlock_bootloader unlock.bin
  5. Use Volume Down button to start the process
  6. The procedure will wipe data and reboot the JingPad A1
  7. Type now
    sudo ./fastboot reboot recovery
  8. Use Volume- and Power to select “Wipe data/Factory reset”
  9. The tablet will do a factory reset and reboot into Recovery again
  10. Reboot to the System!


…In case you will stuck on boot (JingPad logo), you probably have to force reboot into Recovery and wipe data (Factory reset) again.

In case you cannot manage the “fastboot_A1” commands, you have to make the file executable using the terminal:
chmod +x ./fastboot_A1
If you prefer, you can use your file manager too, like the following example:

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Thanks for the clear and detailed howto…

More precise and easy to understand and apply than the official blog subject…

I found in order to do this one has to allow for developer setting in android and then check allow bootloader to be unlocked and enable USB debugging.

This should be included in the instructions. Novices like me need more detailed instructions.