[Guide] App UI scaling (Manual procedure)

Hi everyone,
thanks to Shinkamui on Telegram, I decided to post this guide about Apps scaling.

The display of our JingPad A1 is a 11 inch Amoled with a resolution of 2368*1728 (266 ppi), so UI of Apps not scaled will be really small to be properly use on our tablet.

So, first of all, try to find the apps you need to scale, eg:

Or using Terminal:

Identify the app and open it using Gedit or another text editor:

You have to find the “exec” line, in my case for Clementine the original string was:

exec= clementine %U

It’s a QT Application, so I decided to edited as follow in order to get a 2x scale (zoom):

exec=QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2 clementine %U

In case It was a GTK App (Clementine is not, but just in case…), the scaling code is different:
exec=GDK_DPI_SCALE=1.5 GDK_SCALE=1 appname

See the difference between the original UI scale factor and the 2x…
Original scale:

Scale factor 2x:

Another example, Krita scale factor x1.4:

As you can see, UI Scale matters.

Maybe in the next updates JingOS could automatically implement the SCALE FACTOR in every app launched by user, we don’t know…


Worked for terminal

Thanks Massimo for sharing this :slight_smile:
This worked for me with clementine too, but didn’t for other applications such as Libreoffice and gedit.
Any Idea how to make it work for these applications ? Does the trick works only for Qt runned apps ?
(Heads up: i’m not an IT expert, so sorry if my problem sounds obvious to some of you)

I can’t get it to work on Thunar or Nemo. The default file manager sucks. Have you been able to scale a file manager Maasimo?

You can add this to /etc/environment so it applies to everything that accepts it as an environment variable but that also includes the desktop UI so be careful not to scale it to a broken level.

“GDK_DPI_SCALE=1.5 GDK_SCALE=1” would be used for GTK apps but I think this only works on GTK3+.

Worked for gedit anyway! Except the close button is still tiny . . .