[Guide] Browse firmware PAC file

Hi everybody,
in this Guide I just want to share a way to browse the Firmware PAC file (UNISOC Firmware file).

Download the flash tool and any PAC File (firmware/rom…) from the official guide:

Open the Flash Tool, select the PAC File and wait for “Ready” status:

Now, do not close the Flash tool, and with file manager go to:


You will be able to browse firmware files:

Fine, now you can manage them!

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Thanks for this precious guide.

Three questions then;

  1. How can I flash from a GNU/Linux system computer ?
  2. Where can I find Android System update ?
  3. Accordingly GNU Lincense requirement, where can I find the source code of the kernel and Android system for JingPad A1 (used to build the firmware linked in the original link) ?

in order:

  1. There is any compatible flashing tool for UNISOC Devices under GNU/Linux;
  2. You can find and download the Android Image (JingDroid) here;
  3. Sources are available on the official GitHun page (here).
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Okay, so how do I flash from GNU/Linux ?

Currently you CAN’T flash the firmware under GNU/Linux environment…

Sorry, but I do not find any repository for JingPad A1 Kernel and Android OS.


Thanks !

I have tried with Virtualized Microsoft Windows, but do not success.
I take a PC Win and get it ok…

ADVICE: the recovery mode was not success… I have to shutdown with volume down, and the download start on ResearchDownload while the JingPad power off…

Anyway, how can I go back to JingOS on my JingPad A1 ?
Is there any JingOS.PAC file available ?

Edited: okay, sorry, find it from official download:

Can we hope of an official method to be root on the custom android firmware of the JingPad A1 ?

Fine @Gandalf
Hope you fund all things now…

Not all, but some, yes…

Available now here:

Thanks !!!

Still no clue !

Still highly needed !