[Guide] Fingerprint & Face Authentication on unofficial Android ROM

Note: I have experienced an accidentally reboot. Use at your own risk.

You need to open the official flash tool and load the image package “S813_JingPad_C1_1.0.0002.011_user_202111011157.pac” first.
Then click the second button (Settings), here you can find where the “Trustos” file and “Teecfg” file are located; Copy them to somewhere else.

Now load the unofficial image package, go to Settings, and replace “Trustos” and “Teecfg” with the file you just copied:

Then flash it to your JingPad. You should be able to use fingerprint and face authentication now:

Is it possible that your changes give you fingerprint and face unlock, but you lose the auto brightness setting? I can’t find auto brightness in the settings anymore and I’m sure that this setting existed before…

Hi, you mean adaptive brightness? I can still access it.

Just found out that the adaptive brightness setting disappears right after installing the gapps. everything has now been reinstalled for the 2nd time directly according to the instructions, always with the same result. any idea why that is?

Maybe we are using different gapps? Have you tried “open_gapps-arm64-10.0-nano -20220215 .zip” yet?

when I install “open_gapps-arm64-10.0-nano -20220215 .zip” adaptive brightness setting disappears.
However, if I install NikGapps-core-arm64-10-20220222-signed.zip, the setting remains. problem solved first.

I know it’s a different topic but I still have to ask you: what options do I have to install Magisk or get Netflix etc. running?

or should I start a new thread?

It’s strange… Anyway, congratulations on solving the problem.
As for as I know, if you want to install Magisk, either flash a signed & modified boot.img, or turn off secure boot (you need to build the ROM yourself) then flash modified boot.img or install magisk.zip in recovery mode.
I don’t know how to get Netflix working.

OK. thank you for your help. should you find any information or instructions on the subject of magisk, please provide brief information

The steps to install magisk are not much different from other devices. If you want the boot.img file, you can find it in Chinese QQ group