[Guide] Firefox - Enable touchscreen scrolling

in order to enable touchscreen scroll support in firefox, please edit:


By adding:


You can also open about:config in firefox to set dom.w3c_touch_events.enabled=1 (default is 2).

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Did not work for me and also cannot edit the files shown in the OP post either. My Firefox browser is unable to touch scroll.

Editing the files as root went OK, but neither of these changes improved Firefox’s confusion between touchscreen clicks and right-clicks in some places, making it unusable. If I use the stylus to tap the touchscreen, it’s always understood as a left-click.

Default tricks for fixing Firefox touch don’t work, you keep having to press multiple times for a lot of stuff. I fixed these the following way:

sudo apt install firefox -y

to update firefox to latest versiion

Then open firefox, go to about:config , click accept , search touch, set dom.w3c._touch_enabled to 0

Then install the following browser addon:

open its preferences, choose in the general tab → scroll only left button → only scroll on links → below grab-and-drag, below set multiplier to 2, below save changes
this will give you scrolling but on text selects the text.

next the following plugin:

as it name says now all you select will automatically be copied, so copy-paste is now possible :smiley:

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Added to the list of guides:

Thanks for this guide. I’ve been trying to get FireFox to work properly for my x86 tablet for awhile now and this guide finally did it. I’m not using JingOS anymore (using Ubuntu now) but it works great.