[Guide] How to get SSH working

This is what worked for me:
sudo apt install openssh-server
To make sure it is running:
sudo service ssh status
to quit:

Now, in order to config it:
sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

There should be a configuration area called GSSAPI options that looks like this:

# GSSAPI options
#GSSAPIAuthentication no
#GSSAPICleanupCredentials yes

Change that to uncomment the line that reads GSSAPIAuthentication no, the result will be:

# GSSAPI options
GSSAPIAuthentication no
#GSSAPICleanupCredentials yes

Now please restart the service:
sudo service ssh restart

Go to settings-wlan-click the blue I next to your network and get your tablets IP address.

Plug into your PC and type " ssh (username)@ip address."

For me that looks like “ssh Glockdoc@198.1`62.1.11” your username is what is in front of “@JingOS” in the terminal.

Type yes

Enter your tablet password.

Now you can type commands on your pc screen and keyboard and have them execute on your jingpad and still do other things on the tablet.

Type exit when you are done.

If you don’t want to use nano try this:
sed -i 's/#GSSAPIAuthentication no/GSSAPIAuthenication no/' /etc/ssh/sshd_config

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Keep it simple! I like it!