[Guide] How to set up Site Specific Browsers and Prevent cross site tracking

This guide is a collection of guides I have found and grouped together to set up site specific browsers. There are other ways to do this, but this is point and click easy. If privacy and cross site tracking is a concern, or you are just tired to capchas when you log in here is a solution that works for me. This works great for your banking apps, fascist book, etc so that you don’t have to log in each time or jump through catcha hoops or 2 step verification while preventing said web sites from tracking your activities across the web.

There are 2 ways to install ICE SSB.

The 1st way is described here:

The 2nd way is to install the .deb file here:

The .deb file is a older one, but works just fine for me.

Once ICE is installed click the icon and fill in the blanks. Hit ok. You should now see a new icon on your home screen for the site you created. You can use this guide here to change the icon:

I have not tried to add the peppermint repository to get updates.
*if you do add the repository do sudo apt udate, then sudo upgrade ice then comment the repository out, then sudo apt update
DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK. Do not do a full update and things will most likely break, just update ICE.