[Guide] Install Gimp and make it Touch Friendly (usable on JingPad A1)

Hi everyone,
using a GNU/Linux ARM OS on a tablet has some pros & cons, and Apps scale is one issue for many apps.

Following my guide you will be able to use Gimp v2.x with the following interface:

(Yeah, the image is of “Duomo of Milan”, in Italy…Cause I work in Milan)

So, now you have to start this tutorial…
First of all, install Gimp:
sudo apt update && sudo apt install gimp

Open Gimp and enter in Edit → Preferences:

Select Interface → Icon Theme:

Change the interface from “Guess icon size from resolution” to “Custom icon size” and move the cursor to HUGE.
Click OK to confirm.

Ok, this is the first step, but we need to scale also the Main Menu (Top menu), in order to make it usable using fingers and JingPen.

So, we need to modify a config file and I usually prefer to use Gedit:
sudo apt update && sudo apt install gedit

We have to find “gtkrc” of a single Theme, I decided to edit the “Dark Theme”, so:

cd /usr/share/gimp/2.0/themes/Dark

Disable the access control:

xhost +

Run gedit on that file:

sudo gedit gtkrc

At the end of the day:

Now you have to find the following line:
# font_name = "sans 11"
And uncomment it and increase font size, as follow:
font_name = "sans 16"

See the following image:

Let me know if you have other suggestions!

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Might suggest they scale gedit using QT_SCALE_FACTOR=2 before they start. It will make gedit easier on the eyes.

Hi @Glockdoc ,
I know it, cause i wrote " [Guide] App UI scaling (Manual procedure)", but if I decided to write this specific guide for Gimp because it doesn’t work on it!

Since GIMP is a GTK application the QT scale factor won’t work.

“GDK_DPI_SCALE=1.5 GDK_SCALE=1” would be used for GTK apps but I think this only works on GTK3+ and GIMP is slowly moving towards GTK3 currently.

I did not say for GIMP. I said for GEDIT.