[Guide] Install Xournal++ (Notepad for JingPen)

Hi everyone,
JingPad A1 with the JingPen could be a real notepad, so since the telegram group was born we searched a cool App to take notes using the JingPen.

Xournal++ is a “modern rewrite and a more feature-rich version of the wonderful Xournal program”, and all the info are available on its official GitHub Page:

There are two ways to install Xournal++ on our device, at the moment I suggest the first one (Direct Deb installation)

Deb package for AArch64
You can easily download & install Xournal++ by the following link:

Remember you have to download the ARM64 version for Ubuntu 20.04.x!!

Snap Package - DON’T USE THIS PROCEDURE, Devs must fix some issue of Snap Package
As you can see in the Snapcraft Store, Xournal++ is now available in the Edge Channel for AArch64:

So, first of all prepare your tablet to properly manage Snap Packages using the following guide:

If you are ready to install Snap Packages, you just need to Snap Install it:

sudo snap install --edge xournalpp



  • If the app does not recognize any input, connect a physical keyboard and press SPACE
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I tried both the methods, but neither seem to work right. When i install from the .deb package from the site, it installs but when i open the app, I’m not able to click anything ie: it’s unresponsive. Using the snap method got me nowhere as the app wouldn’t open after installation. Is it a problem with the xournal++ packages or something on the dev’s end?