[Guide] Install Xournal++ (Notepad for JingPen)

Hi everyone,
JingPad A1 with the JingPen could be a real notepad, so since the telegram group was born we searched a cool App to take notes using the JingPen.

Xournal++ is a “modern rewrite and a more feature-rich version of the wonderful Xournal program”, and all the info are available on its official GitHub Page:

There are two ways to install Xournal++ on our device, at the moment I suggest the first one (Direct Deb installation)

Deb package for AArch64
You can easily download & install Xournal++ by the following link:

Remember you have to download the ARM64 version for Ubuntu 20.04.x!!

Snap Package - DON’T USE THIS PROCEDURE, Devs must fix some issue of Snap Package
As you can see in the Snapcraft Store, Xournal++ is now available in the Edge Channel for AArch64:

So, first of all prepare your tablet to properly manage Snap Packages using the following guide:

If you are ready to install Snap Packages, you just need to Snap Install it:

sudo snap install --edge xournalpp



  • If the app does not recognize any input, connect a physical keyboard and press SPACE
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I tried both the methods, but neither seem to work right. When i install from the .deb package from the site, it installs but when i open the app, I’m not able to click anything ie: it’s unresponsive. Using the snap method got me nowhere as the app wouldn’t open after installation. Is it a problem with the xournal++ packages or something on the dev’s end?

I’m a fan of Xournal ++ for it have mature handwriting support, it’s one of my favourite productivity tools!
xournal was always able to annotate or fill out pdf documents, Supports Pen input like XPPen Drawing Tablets.