[GUIDE] Launch Neofetch when you open Terminal

Hi everybody,
in this easy guide I want to share how to launch Neofetch every time you open a new session of the Terminal.

The final result will be the following screen:

First of all, install neofetch:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install neofetch

You have to identify and modify an hidden file called bashrc in your Home:

I used “nano”, but you can use any software useful to edit a text file.
So, in my case I’ve installed nano to edit the file:

sudo apt update && sudo apt install nano

I used nano to open the text config file:

sudo nano ~/.bashrc

At the end of the day, you just need to add “neofetch” at the end of all the already present text:

Fine, now save the file and close it…Open the terminal and enjoy it!
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