[Guide] Run java executables on the JingPad A1 (Shattered Pixel Dungeon)

Today I will show you how to install Java on the JingPad A1 and how to use it to run Java executables.

First you have to install the version that suits your needs:

  • if you just want to run java executables, select the Java Runtime Environment (JRE):
    sudo apt install openjdk-14-jre
  • if you want to develop java applications you will have to compile so pick the Java Development Kit (JDK):
    sudo apt install openjdk-14-jdk

Once you have installed java, you will be able to run Java Executables.

For this guide I will run the game “Shattered Pixel Dungeon” that release java builds.

When the java executable is downloaded (with the .jar file extension), you can run it with the following command:
java -jar EXECUTABLE_PATH.jar

For Shattered Pixel Dungeon, first I change my working directory, then I run the game:
cd Downloads
java -jar ShatteredPD-v1.0.3-Desktop.jar

I hope this guide will help you.

ATM I am working on a guide to show you how to create .desktop files to run custom commands and applications from the home screen.

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