[Guide] Script for new users (After a fresh install of JingOS ARM)

Hi all,
in the past week I flashed Android & JingOS many times on my JingPad A1, and every time I cames back to JingOS I spend lot of time for apps installation…
So, I decided to write a simple script to automate the installation of Android environment, basic Android Apps and common GNU/Linux apps.

In order to use my script you need Git:
sudo apt update && sudo apt install git -y

If you already have Git installed, simply run the following three commands:
git clone https://github.com/Maxximo88/JingOS.git
chmod +x ./JingOS/JingOS.sh
sudo bash ./JingOS/JingOS.sh

A brief introduction of the commands…
Install Android environment
It will install:

  • android-compatible-env
  • japm

Install basic Android Apps
In order to install:

  • Amaze File Manager
  • Aurora Store
  • F-Droid
  • Open Board

Install GNU/Linux proposed software
…I add many apps and I continue to add following your feedback.
You can see the packages here → JingOS/JingOS.sh at main · Maxximo88/JingOS · GitHub

Fix Snap App shortcut for JingOS Desktop
Added a fix already discussed here- → [Guide] Snap App - Install and use Snapd

Clean Distro
In order to run some cleaning commands…

Guess it…

Do you have any suggestion?

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