[Guide] Vivaldi - How to install Vivaldi Browser in JingOS ARM

Hello everybody,
I make this little thread to explain how to install the vivaldi browser on the JingPad.

If you try to install the “ARM deb” package from the vivaldi main download page, it won’t install because it’s the armhf version (32bits).

Instead go to the older versions of vivaldi (https://vivaldi.com/download/archive/) and download the latest version labeled arm64.

Then you will be able to install it like any other compatible deb package, from the graphical installer or via the command line.

I hope it will help you !

Hi @pierreantoine-cheron ,
You just need to go to download page:

Select ARM package:

Open file manager on JingPad A1 and click on the downloaded package.
Does it work?

You can also manual install it:

Let me know!

It’s because it didn’t work that I did this post.
The deb that you show doesn’t install because it’s armhf and not arm64.
I downloaded it and when I click, I can just see the details of the package but no installation button.

Hi @pierreantoine-cheron
please try a previous version of Vivaldi:


Have you read my post?
You don’t seem to understand what this post is about.
I’m not asking for help.
I am just showing how I got Vivaldi to install to help the people who want to, but don’t understand why it doesn’t work for them.

Sorry @pierreantoine-cheron ,
you’re right.
Have a nice day.