Help me which I link dowload

Hello sir
I am received email
And two link which I dowload
Help me

This link should solve the problem
(Google Drive - Quota exceeded)

Hi, I think this link should be faster.

Can we have a general latest download page which points to somewhere on this website because I am getting problems accessing the site from the mainland China (02 May 2021). Traceroute fails after ( 45.722 ms from Beijing. As you know, Google sites are not accessible from here either and many dropbox-like sites are not too.

So, it looks to me as if version 0.8.1 has been pulled. I dont have a problem with that as I know software timescales are notoriously difficult to keep to and you are kind-of breaking new ground here so it is difficult to know what unforeseen you will run into. We definitely need a Linux OS which will run on phones and tablets and which will break the hold of the MS and Apple companies.

It is better to have a good product than to bend to the pressure of timescales.
Good luck.