How to flash Android ROM on JingPad A1/C1

Warning: This process will wipe your personal data on your JingPad A1. If you wish to keep using JingOS Linux, please wait till the Linux image file gets released on the 30th of November.


  1. Download image: - Google 雲端硬碟

  2. Download flash toolkit: - Google 雲端硬碟

  3. Install the flash tool on a Windows computer. You only need to install the driver.
    N.B. You cannot finish this process using a virtual machine.

Flash the device

Open the flash tool

Load the image package

Connect the JingPad to the computer using the pad’s USB type-C socket

Click on the button to start the flash process


Click the “Power” button then the “Volume Down” button. Do not release the buttons until the JingPad logo appears. (The same process as in

Flashing of the device starts (the progress is shown on the UI of the flash tool)

Wait until the JingPad shows the following screen:

Unplug the USB cable and start the device

  1. The device will start to boot.
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November 2022?

The google drive link to the file is dead. Do you have another way to get that zip file?

Try this link - Google 雲端硬碟

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any way to do this on linux?

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Yes, clear instructions for flashing from a Linux installation would be nice.

Watching and waiting.
Thanks all!

I have been able to flash the Android ROM … BUT … the interface is in Chinese.

What icons do I select to change the interfaces to English? If this can’t be done, when will an English ROM be available?


After trying every button, I worked it out!
Open the setting icon (the one with the gear).
Go and select the second last icon (grey symbol with a circle and “i”)
Now select the world icon.
On the next screen, select the top line.
press the ‘+’ icon and choose “English (United States)”. This choice now appears as Number 2.
Now drag and drop the English option into the top spot to replace the Chinese option.
And it’s now in English.

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Thanks for these instructions. I was able to get my C1 stock install set to English, but not everything is in English (like the app store). And I read elsewhere that Google’s Playstore is not supported. What other options do we have at the moment??

I found a bunch of APK download sites to get apps, but anything that requires “Google Play Services” won’t work.

(Spoiler: a lot of apps require Google… :frowning: )

So sad. I wonder if KDE Plasma Mobile can be installed on a C1? I just watched a video of Plasma Mobile working on the A1. Going to give that a try.

@footer how did it go?

@footer & @mphilip1
I found the same thing - no Google Play Services and so little joy. I am not adverse to Google Play Services and it is integral to my use of Android.
JingPag people - how do we enable Google Play Services???

Sadly, it didn’t. I’m going to try the steps that @LenPayne outlined in the other thread to see if I can get the tablet going again. Right now, it’s DEAD. It’s a C1 which came pre-installed with Android 10, so I’m going to try get back to that first. Then I will try to get JingOS on it … At this point, I’d just like to get SOMETHING to work! Thanks @LenPayne for your detailed instructions!

I’m in the same (sunken) boat as @footer ^^^ so I’m just stuck hoping something shakes loose for someone else.
Can’t load JingOS and can’t even get the minimal android ROM back on…


I also posted a few screenshots of the errors, though documentation for Research Download.exe is pretty sparse online…

I would love to see your screenshots @mphilip1! This is so frustrating! I posted a link to an article in another thread about ‘breathing life into the troubled JingPad by installing Ubuntu Touch’ and it doesn’t bode well for the company at this point … Sounds like they were selling their remaining stock of JingPads at firesale prices for a reason …

I hope we can get something going soon on our otherwise useless paperweights … :frowning:

Do you have a working adb and fastboot on your desktop computer that you can connect to your JingPad and see if the JingPad is recognized?

I never had much luck using the buttons to get into the bootloader.

I’ve only been trying with a Windows computer using the instructions given above and fiddling with the power and volume buttons. I will try adb and fastboot … sounds like Linux? I’m MUCH more comfortable going that direction!