I can't boot JingOS on HP Envy x360

I use HP envy x360. My specs are uploaded in images below.

I am stuck on loading screen. When I boot with safe graphics, I’m able to get to a ■■■■■ screen with the mouse cursor frozen in place. How can I boot into the system? I believe I use AMD.

Did you disable Fast Boot on Windows OS?
Please see here.

Fast boot is disabled.

Your laptop has a great hardware, but I think the issue is related to Core i7-1165G7, is pretty new!!
Did you get the same issue trying to boot Debian or Ubuntu?
Did you use Rufus or Etcher to create USB Pendrive?

I used etcher and I have no problem using Ubuntu. I am on fedora 34 right now.

Did you tried with TTY?
Ctrl+Alt+F1 and use systemctl command?

Ctrl+alt+F1 doesn’t bring up anything. ESC doesn’t bring up a bash shell either. When I press ESC it says AE_not_found

try the following way…
When you boot from USB Pendrive, press ESC when the JingOS logo appera, and you will display the following menu:
Boot menu

In this menu, try to select INSTALL…

You can also press F6 and try to enable/disable other options…

See common Kernel Options on Ubuntu Wiki at the following link:

Le me know…

All I can pull up is grub command line with [C]

Try to use “acpi=off” flag using F6 as showed please.

F6 does not do anything. I can only bring up GRUB console.

When you boot from USB Pendrive, press ESC when the JingOS logo appear, and you will display a menu and press F6 to show options…like the screenshot I did for you in the previous post…

The logo doesn’t appear until after the menu. And when I press ESC it shows the code I posted images of earlier. I can enter the GRUB console. That’s it.

I am now attempting to boot with 0.6 instead of 0.8

Hi, I’ve tested it before suggesting to you the procedure…

I also have tried every button combination and cannot get to the screen you provided. I tried booting 0.6 and 0.8.1 but they are both the same. Can I set acpi=off from the grub console?

Installation guide are always the same, see also here.

Once again, I do not have that option. I do not get a jingOS logo or anything. I get booted directly to the screen shown in the image below. Shift does nothing. ESC does nothing. F6 does nothing.

Wait, just for a test, could you please use Rufus to build bootable USB Pendrive?
I think Etcher changes grub entry…