I can't boot JingOS on HP Envy x360

I don’t have windows. I only have fedora installed. Maybe startup disk creator?

yep you can have to try…you can also use DD, that it’s better…
In Fedora you have also Disk Image Writer, see Here.

Edit: do you confirm you haven’t install JingOS yet?

Have not installed Jing OS yet

Ok, so Etcher changes default boot entries.
Try to use DD, or Fedora Disk Image Wrire or DD.


I just used fedora image writer and I still get the same boot screen

Any ideas? Can i apply acpi=off from the grub console?

Hello? Did everyone give up? Lol

sorry, I have a life during the weekend.
Yes, you can press “E” and Edit selection, adding ACPI=OFF.

I am having the same issue. F6 is working for me, however, when I choose install, it just boots to the system rather than the installer.

I am trying to install on a small, cheap Dell and when the system loads for a live usb the screen is not centered and I cannot navigate back to home. When I try to install I can’t navigate to the “next” button.

Hi @Glockdoc ,
after first boot (installation boot process), can you open “Install System shortcut” and follow the installation procedure?

Yes, the problem is the screen resolution changes and the “next” button is off my screen. I cannot see it. I cannot tab and navigate to to it.

I have been playing around most of today with it and have the live usb working, mostly. Swipe gestures are the only way I can get back to my home screen, but it is working.

I used the command line to update the system and now my usb is out of space. I found the setting to change my resolution to laptop and that helped immensely, but now the installer won’t load. I believe that is due to a lack of space on my usb.

I will post a follow up after I either flash another live usb and start over or free space enough for the installer to work.

@Glockdoc I know windows scaling is a defect identified by many users.
Dev Team will fix it, see here:


Changing the screen resolution did the trick for me. I now have JingOS installed on my laptop. Now to try and figure out how to get it to desktop mode.