I need someone from (jingOS) to help me

I would like to try (jingos) together with (jingpad) but the process was limited since my nootbook does not allow the installation of the wonderful (jingOS) and the (jingpad A1) will be very out of my reach I already registered for the campaign but not I think some will come to me to start programming and explore more and help (jingOS) in its development

you can test JingOS using a Virtual Machine (like VirtualBox).
We all want to test JingOS on JingPad A1, but only if you purchase it you will be able to test it…

al utilizar virtual box con (jingOS) me da un error ya intente cambiar la resolucion cambie las memorias ram y las memorias de disco que linux debo de usar para virtual box o que configuracion ( intentare instalarme jingOS con un iso en una laptop que no uso no se si funcionara

@meganios remember to install VirtualBox Extension Pack and Guest Additions.
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