Install apps that require Google play Services (Android ROM)

Hello everyone,

Even if it might work on JingOS, I didn’t tested it so I only mention android.

I found a way to use apps in a sort of VM, It works well enought to play some games.

Saddly rotation is kindda broken (it works but if you’re in landscape mod, to go back to your android launcher(the Jingdroid one) you’ll need to swip from right, because the app think you’re in portrait mod).

you might also have to enable it in the vm settings.

That’s the only issue.

I’ve made a poor tutorial that might help you

Steps :

1.Download VMOS :

  1. Create a VM that suports google play services (or preinstalled with it)

  2. Use your VM, You can even integrate it to your system with shortcuts and everything.

Useful links :

Have fun everyone !

(Sorry for my bad english)
(Also JingTeam if you could please answer your mails ;-; )

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