Installing neard for nfc

i seem unable to install nead to support NFC .
after ‘sudo apt-get update’

jingos@linux:~$ sudo apt-get install nead
[sudo] password for jingos:
正在读取软件包列表… 完成
正在读取状态信息… 完成
E: 无法定位软件包 nead

no idea o meaning of chinese output

I’m not Chinese speaking, but I’m able to use a translator and:
E: 无法定位软件包 nead → E: Impossible to find nead

…Are you sure “NEAD” is a package name?

You are correct the package name is 'neard"

jingos@linux:~$ sudo apt-get install neard
[sudo] password for jingos:
正在读取软件包列表… 完成
正在读取状态信息… 完成
没有可用的软件包 neard,但是它被其它的软件包引用了。

E: 软件包 neard 没有可安装候选

this translates to
Reading package list… Done
Analyzing the dependency tree of the package
Reading status information… Done
No package neard is available, but it is referenced by other packages.
This may mean that the missing package may have been deprecated,
Or can only be found in other release sources

E: There are no installable candidates for the package neard

ok, I underestand.
You are talking about this “Near Field Communication (NFC) management daemon”:

Maybe you can try with Debian DEB Package:

Let me know.

Yea I do not believe there is any actual deb file for download there seems to take me in circular rhetoric. I would prefer to find the Ubuntu Focal Package but that too seems unavailable for download.

Quite frankly, I am feeling discouraged about Jing OS. It excited me at first but seems to be a disaster and nobody really cares. Nothing on forms or github seems to get resolved, so will probably be writing it off soon as just another passing Linux distro.

Jing OS is being developed on x86_64 only so later they can release their own ARM hardware so I do not see it being as viable for the long term on x86_64.

I mean they can not even seem to make the language settings complete and I need that and several other fixes. I doubt any of that is happening anytime soon .

Hi @markosjal ,
remember you are testing a beta release, and You can install DEB Package of my link with a single click…
They are working hard to have a Stable version soon, but it is still a Beta version! :slight_smile:
Don’t judge them, it’s too early now…
I think with these beta releases they are focusing on JingPad A1 support, and as You can see JingPad A1 doesn’t have any NFC Chip:

Maxximo88 you only confirm what I am saying this will be an OS that is only on the JunkPad, which seems like an over-priced piece of hardware.

Probably JunkOS will not last.

Hi @markosjal no, I don’t say that.
I just know how a Software Development Process works, it’s different.