Is JingOS available for Apple iPad 2?

Cuando salga la version oficial de JingOs, estara disponible para ipad en mi caso tengo un iPad 2 solo wifi.

Translated your reply to be able to help out
There’s no currently way to install it on a iPad, since Apple’s hardware is completely proprietary, and booting anything that was not made by Apple itself on it is already “impossible”.
I’m aware of projects like iDroid-kernel, OpeniBoot and others, but still it’s truly far from useable.
And technically speaking, i think the iPad 2’s hardware would be too underspec to be able to run it properly.
You’d be better buying a x86_64 compatible tablet / laptop or a actual Surface(yet it’s expensive even for me so…)

No, JingOS no se puede instalar en iPads, lo siento. - Por Google Translate

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