Is JingOS open source?

I was wondering, as JingOS is an ubuntu-based distro with a heavily modified Plasma Desktop, if it is open source and if JingOS is or will be contributing to the upstream projects like Plasma.

I couldn’t find any link to any public repository, so that’s why I’m asking.

You should check the FAQ here.FAQ about JingOS

thank you @CCL I’d read the FAQ on the main site, but missed the FAQ on the forums.

So, you will be leaving Plasma in favor of JDE, this will be a fork of plasma or a brand new linux desktop environment? It will be open source as well?

JDE will be a brand new one. I think yes, it will be open source too.

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Hi I’ve just received JingPad A1. How nice:) Thank you for the great product!!

I’d like you to consider building OSS participation and contribution model of JingOS projects like following.

  1. Upstream First
    If we find bugs and it is also hit on upstream version, please consider to fix on upstream project (like Ubuntu and up, KDE upstream)

  2. Developing on open space first
    Currently I understand that you’ve already open the source code of JingOS components. But I guess that the latest version of them has not been opened yet.
    To build better developer community experience, please consider to open the code on GitHub first as upstream. If users (as developers) can open issue, send PR on the open space, we’ll have more power to make JingOS better:)


Im not a developer so I can’t comment on the first point, although it is a good idea
But for 2. The current plan is too open source the remaining code in November

Thank you for your comment. I’m looking forward to seeing the contribution guide of JingOS project in November :slight_smile:

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