Is jingpad still supported?

I’m not giving up… but yeah more than a month after they didn’t respond to me… at least they told me that I’ll receive my replacement unit but that’s the last message… and I still don’t have it… here is my last mail that I’ve just wrote 5 minutes ago.

Did someone get the JingOS support this month ?

Is the project even still alive ?

Also staff if you see this, please check your mails… because it’s one month without answer. one month that I don’t know if you shipped it or not…


Hey @MiMillie,

I gave up on JingLing when they missed their deadline without so much as a post. Currently working on getting Ubuntu Touch on mine to get an OS that will update!

Well actually they posted about Jingpad A2… Really they should maybe finish their work about the first one before… On just stuck with an nearly unusable pad and they do nothing…

(And they already told me that they will send to me another one.)

If it still like this… Jingpad was just a scam.

If you need help to get Ubuntu touch by the way I managed to get it working

How is Ubuntu Touch? Any pluses or minuses that stand out?

It works great. The UI is smooth but the fact that it’s contained in a read only fs is kinda annoying.

Also some apps are as slow as on JingOS

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Hello MiMillie and jmd,

This is very interesting, do you know if Ubuntu Touch on the jingpad supports auto screen rotation for both native and non native apps? It would be great since I use the tablet to read and annotate documents, and a little for coding.


It does and if it doesn’t you can still enable the desktop mode to get a window and resize it as you wish

I’m switching to Ubuntu today, thank you for your answer!