JING APP translation turorial with PoEdit via Github pull request

This tutorial will describe how to translate the clock JingOS application with the tool PoEdit via a pull request on the JingOS translation Github repository to German on a LINUX MINT system (Debian based).

This requires the git client:

$ sudo apt install git

[1]: Original tutorial, see here: JingOS and Original Apps translation

[2]: What is PoEdit, see here: https://poedit.net/

[3]: Here can I download PoEdit: Install Poedit 3 on Linux | Snap Store


  1. Go to Github repository for JingOS translations, see [1].

  2. Fork the repository to your account after login by the button in the upper right corner:

  3. Clone the forked repository to your local system:

$ git clone <URL of your REPOSITORY>
$ cd JingOS-translations

  1. Check out which apps are still to be translated:

  2. Open PoEdit and select the app you want to translate.

Then select the target language.

  1. Translate the source text.

Hint: DEEPL is one of the best translation platforms, right now (DeepL Translate: The world's most accurate translator).

  1. Save the translation.
    Create a new directory for your target language and save your work in it.

  2. Commit the changes to your personal/forked git repository

  • Go back to the terminal and check the changes of your forked repository with:
    $ git status

  • Add the changes to the commit:
    $ git add .

  • Commit the canges to your local repository:
    $ git commit -m "translate clock to de_DE"

  • Then push the commit to the github server on the net:
    git push origin HEAD

  • After this you can check the log to see your pushed commit:
    git log

  1. Create pull request
  1. Finally wait until your changes are accepted:


Very good job! Thank you so much! I will link it everywhere.

There is also the option to use only the github website to download and upload / commit your changes without using any other git client.

Yes. I think GitHub has introduced some new user interfaces to ease that process.