Jing OS on One netbook One mix 2s feedback

I just tested Jing os on my One mix 2s and encounted some issues, I understand that this is only a preview image but thought I’d pass along what I encountered.

The screen was rotated right as most do on this 2 in 1 netbook but I encounted no way to easily rectify this, as im aware some GPD netbooks will have this same issue, I highly recommend giving people some way to manually fix this or rotate there screen

The touch matrix was off a little bit as well for that orientation, it was the right way but my screen was rotated right while still displaying in that 16.9 format so the touch matrix had stretched to the black boarders on the screen so the location was off.

Auto rotate wasn’t working either

Also recommend implementing some use for the meta key but I guess that’s related to the KDE framework you’re using.

This looks really great and I can see that alot of work has been put into this, for touch enabled screens 2 in 1 laptops and tablets I can see this becoming popular in time

I’d also focus on these brands as they offer some good touch enabled devices that are widely available if you are looking for device suggestions later on

One netbook
Lenovo yoga range

Keep up the good work it looks beautiful