JingOS 0.9.2 and uninstallable

I have an update available but doesn’t work…

Hi @ebretteville
probably due to Server disalignment, try now please.
Try to update from terminal too:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Hi - I’m new here (first post) and have recently installed JingOs onto an old Lenovo ThinkPad 8 (Baytrail Z3770 quad core with 2Gb ram) and the OS runs fairly well. It’s a beautiful OS but I am stuck on ver. 0.9.1 with no updates showing as the image above shows ( I was wondering why this is and if you could explain. I’ve also tried your terminal update method to no success. Thanks!

Also, it seems that it’s been quite a while since ver 0.9 was rolled out and no mention of ver 1.0 for x86 devices. Has this been abandoned or do we even know?

Hi @brookie
please wait for JingOS x86 v1.0.
At the moment only JingOS ARM v1.0 is distributed to JingPad A1 devices.


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I guess they are concentrating on the JingPad.
Thanks for the reply.

Hi @brookie
sure, that’s what they said.
Have a nice day!

Have just tried this upgrade via Terminal on my HP Pavilion X2 currently running jingOS v0.9.1 and while it seemed to run ok and went to completion, “About” in System Settings still says I am on v0.9.1. Running “System Update” says that my s/ware is already on the latest version 0.9.1. Is v0.9.2 no longer available?

See my post above. Those versions were probably for the JingPad or were taken down from the server. It’s never really clear but either way you have the latest. I can’t really use the OS the way it is because of the lack of features /keyboard etc but it is a beautiful start. I’m going back to Ubuntu on my old tablet since it is more functional even with limited touch screen but will keep an eye on development here to see if they will ever release an update.

Hi @brookie, thanks for the response. I think you are right that their focus is probably, and perhaps not surprisingly, on the JingPad, but it would be nice to see the OS evolving independently on a pace a bit faster than a snail! Maybe I am being unfair, but there is a lot of potential in jingOS (IMHO), and not just on its own device. So, I will keep playing with v0.9.1 on my resurrected HP “tablet”, fighting the annoyances (detachable keyboard barely functional, no camera, on screen keyboard a bit flakey, etc.) and waiting for v1 to arrive. I consider it’s worth it because the look-and-feel of jingOS is so very pleasing.

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Agreed! I haven’t given up, lol.

JingOS x86 Stable Clearly its VAPORWARE. Only hype to draw attention to JingPad

It may very well be. I can’t get past v 0.9.1 and prior statements about releasing updates on a monthly basis just are not true. Anyway, I’ll keep watching and no big deal if it doesn’t happen.