JingOS 0.9.2 and uninstallable

I have an update available but doesn’t work…

Hi @ebretteville
probably due to Server disalignment, try now please.
Try to update from terminal too:

sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade

Hi - I’m new here (first post) and have recently installed JingOs onto an old Lenovo ThinkPad 8 (Baytrail Z3770 quad core with 2Gb ram) and the OS runs fairly well. It’s a beautiful OS but I am stuck on ver. 0.9.1 with no updates showing as the image above shows ( I was wondering why this is and if you could explain. I’ve also tried your terminal update method to no success. Thanks!

Also, it seems that it’s been quite a while since ver 0.9 was rolled out and no mention of ver 1.0 for x86 devices. Has this been abandoned or do we even know?

Hi @brookie
please wait for JingOS x86 v1.0.
At the moment only JingOS ARM v1.0 is distributed to JingPad A1 devices.


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I guess they are concentrating on the JingPad.
Thanks for the reply.

Hi @brookie
sure, that’s what they said.
Have a nice day!