JingOS ARM Personal Build (Not official, based on GitHub Sources)

jingos arm build from github source – in progress
running on qemu-aarch64

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Wow! That’s really cool! If you have time, can you make a tutorial? I would like to know how this is achieved. Thanks

It’s not any special.
I use kdesrc-build tools to build it.
Sure, I will write in more details later.

Can you tell me how to build the JingOS from github. I want to get the images :grinning:

Thank you for your reply. I will wait for it :grin:

Thanks @netson99
I edited the title adding “Personal build” and category (JingOS ARM).
Thanks for your effort!

Thank’s , to move it into proper forum.

Wow, you did a great job! Thank you so much!

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It’s a proof that We can build / port jingos from the github source.
my next step is tried to run it on real arm device.

Hi @netson99 ,
do you have a Raspberry Pi board to try it?

Yes, I have raspi3 and also an android tv box that already converted to linux box.
I will try on those devices.

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Looking forward to it.

I have a lots of ARM64 devices, Can you teach me how to do that? I want to bring up JingOS on my IMX8QM board :heart_eyes:

@netson99 Thank you so much for sharing this with the group. I believe the best way to go forward with this is have is to create a tuts, but of course that will take time. Your time is precious and it has value. If you haven’t yet, please post a donation link as I would like to donate for the time it will take you to completely write and verify a tut for people to understand and work through. I too would like to be able to port this to another device (Oneplus 7T Pro Mclaren and Galaxy S Tab 7 5G (Tmobile). Please let me know what you think of this and in hope that all that are serious about wanting you to do this would donate to show you our appreciation for the required work you will be doing. PS, what android tv device did you port the OS to? Someone from XDA is working on porting Ubuntu to the ADT-1 (old google tv device). Anyway, thanks in advance.

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Sorry for late response; due too busy with other activities.
I hope will have more times on next week.

Here is some hints, regarding my build process:

  1. I use qemu-system-aarch64 as development / building => for me it’s more easier than doing cross-compiling. But It will need more time to build the minimum system of jingos (on my development host; it take 3 days build process)
  2. I use ubuntu 21.04 server as os based due to the Qt5 dependencies.
  3. I use kdesrc-build tools to build the jingos.
  4. build modules set :
    • kde framework
    • jingos modules as on the jingos-team github.
  5. For configuration I use config files from jingos v0.9 release.

About testing on my arm device raspi 3 progress.
I find out that the ubuntu os image for raspi 3 with video device driver is based on Ubuntu 20.04. So this is not compatible with my build (based on ubuntu 21.04).
So I have to re-build jingos on ubuntu 20.04 =>

  • re-build Qt5 due to dependencies of jingos build (ie Qt5 >= 5.14)
  • re-build jingos
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Hello @Netson99, thank you so much for the info. Im not sure about anyone else, but Im noobish when it comes to these things. I’m able to setup build environment to compile android OS so I figure that would help with this situation. But it would be helpful and I know this would take time to, but if you could and would create a tut from setting up the environment. I still need to learn how to use cross compile so learning qemu would be just as new. I would need learn how to and were to add in the source for the devices I would like to build for. I’ve been doing it for oneplus 7t pro 5g for a year. I didnt create the dt but I was able to learn how to get the repos pulled and make any changes to allow it to compile. Anyway, the hope is to one day try jingos for the Galaxy s tab 7s LTE (tmobile). This would be the hope for me. In the mine time, I can try one the Oneplus 7t Pro 5g just as a side project for the time being. Thanks in advance and please post your paypal donate link. Also which android tv device to did you port this over to? THanks.

pinebook pro Looking forward to it.