JingOS ARM V1.1.1 Release Notes (For JingPad A1)

Installation guide:

Download from Google Drive:

Source Code: JingOS-team (JingOS) · GitHub

General Improvements

  • Supporting hardware decode for local videos

  • Supporting WPA2/WPA3

  • Supporting “single click and swipe” and “double finger click”

  • Supporting MTP in File Manager

  • Optimising the performance of visual and audio plugins

JingPad A1 Android App Support V0.7 Release Note

N.B. The Packages of Android App Support (JAAS) has been integrated into the OS. However, you still need to use the following commands to install the environment. Do not install other android containers if you wish to test JAAS.

  • Supporting 4 Inputting Methods including keyboard, trackpad, touchscreen and JingPad Pencil

  • Supporting input method

  • Solving known issues

  • Black screen after relaunching apps

  • Icons fail to display in the Quick Control Panel

  • Displaying issue in portrait mode (It has been changed to forced horizontal display)


Will it be compatible with any device?

How to install this *.pac flie?

@August - how do we install this file???

Jos.g24 no
Rightman & xircon I added the link to the guide in the topic

@Maxximo88 - I have no access to a Windows PC.

It’s a problem at the moment, actually you can use flash tool only using Windows OS.
Maybe you can find a different tool UNISOC validated running on Linux…

This is turning into a very expensive and not very funny joke. Ah well you win some, you lose some.

just a small question. is it sufficient to update with settings or do i have to do these steps additionally?
i have already 1.1.1


above Google Drive Link is not working anymore please update.


Same for me.
No more available on googledrive !
The today advertisment of the availability of the latest 1.2 release explain and fix the issue ! :wink:

Anyone success in this ?

If a tool is available for testing, I may help, please contact me…

Would this be installable on things like an ARM Chromebook (Lenovo Duet) or something like the Raspberry Pi?

Edit: just read that a developer is working on Raspberry Pi edition

The link is not available anymore?